Tuesday, September 27, 2005

SCAM ALERT - Benjamin Gattegno

A warning to people looking for an apartment in Manhattan:

Beware Benjamin Gattegno of 601 West 112th Street, Apartment 6E. He scammed me out of a great deal of money. Benjamin Gattegno has a horrendous hoarding problem; his apartment is crammed full of books, furniture, newspapers and junk. I answered an ad that he had placed on craigslist and agreed to move into his apartment as his roommate. He claimed that he was going to use my deposit to hire a crew to clean out the apartment. However, this never happened. On the day on which I was to move in, I arrived at the apartment and found it in an even worse state than it had been in previously. I was unable to even step inside the door because of the mountain of debris behind it. In the weeks prior to my move-in date, Benjamin Gattegno had e-mailed me to let me know that the cleanup of the apartment was going well. These, of course, were lies. He never intended to allow me to move in. I won a judgment against him in New York Small Claims Court, but of course he still refuses to pay.

Don't let him do the same thing to you.